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Join the Resolution Revolution and save time, money and stress with Mediator Locator. We are your go-to option for all mediation services, including (but not limited to), civil / commercial, property, construction, workplace and family mediation.

Our mediators are all highly experienced professionals, most of whom are senior partners employed by our prestigious Partner Law Firms. 


As specialists in all areas of dispute resolution, our mediators have the relevant legal knowledge and expertise necessary to help resolve your disputes, and we'll match you with your perfect mediator completely free of charge.

Proudly partnering with leading law firms


Our mediation Services


We select a leading mediator who is highly regarded and recognised for their specialist knowledge and expertise in their chosen area of practice.


We select a skilled professional mediator who provides mediation services for cases where the sum in dispute is £50,000 or less in accordance with the Civil Mediation Council's Fixed Fees Scheme.

Non-binding opinion

In the event that your dispute is not settled, your mediator may be able to offer a professional non-binding opinion on what they consider would represent a fair and reasonable outcome for your dispute. 

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Fencing to represent disputes
a parrot to represent non-binding opinion in mediation
A man looking at a mountain lake to represent peace after dispute resolution

The resolution revolution

Our vision is to greatly increase access to the many benefits of mediation while promoting mediation as the primary method of Dispute Resolution.

Mediator Locator specialise in appointing skilled mediators to guide you towards resolving your dispute.


We offer the unique benefit that in the unlikely event you are unable to reach a settlement, our mediators may be able to provide a professional non-binding opinion on what they consider would represent a reasonable outcome.

We make no charge for selecting your mediator.

Our panelists:

  • specialise in mediation across all areas of practice (including civil/commercial mediation, workplace mediation, and family mediation);

  • promote growth in digital mediation;

  • are experienced and skilled;

  • cater for both high and low value disputes (with a fixed fee option); and

  • may offer a non-binding opinion.

Tell us about your dispute and we will locate a suitable mediator

Submit your application to Mediator Locator for the independent selection of a quality mediator. ​We aim to appoint a mediator within 48 hours of a submission.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch within 48 hours.

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