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Our story

How we're creating the Resolution Revolution.


Mediation is a hugely powerful but under used dispute resolution tool, and we believe that needs to change. 


We are looking to create a Resolution Revolution by passionately promoting mediation and increasing access via Mediator Locator.


Having worked on hundreds of disputes over many years, we believe mediation should be the go-to option for dispute resolution.

Instead of wondering if mediation should be considered, the question should be: "is there any good reason not to mediate?"

Uniquely, mediating your dispute early can prevent escalation, preserve relationships and quickly solve problems. 

Don't wait, mediate

To increase the profile and access to mediation, we decided to establish new panels of highly skilled progressively minded professionals, who are ready to resolve your disputes.

While thinking ‘mediation first’ may represent a change of approach, the benefits speak for themselves, and with the option of an in-person mediation or a virtual mediation, you can enjoy great flexibility.

As mediation will save you valuable time, significant sums of money and substantial stress and uncertainty, once you’ve embraced it, you won’t look back.    


So, join the Resolution Revolution today and let us match you with the perfect mediator.​

Stuart Lawrence – Founder of Mediator Locator

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